Cannery Brewing’s ‘Pink Mountainhops’ Maibock (Band Beer)

The second of four CBC Band Beers I’m enjoying is Cannery Brewing’s entry, a maibock named after a very well respected (and personal favourite) Vancouver band, Pink Mountaintops.  Pink Mountaintops is the mellower side project of Stephen McBean’s, better known for his classic garage rock band Black Mountain.  They were the first band I saw at the Rickshaw Theatre down on E Hastings.


Maibock is named after May, like one might guess.  It is a transitional beer for this transitional time in the Bavarian Alps, when the cold is still biting but summer’s on the cusp.  The maibock shares a fair bit in common with a ‘typical’ lager, including its colour and the yeast profile.  However it receives a boost in the alcohol content and hops level, and as a result comes across with a bit of a heartier feel.  Maibocks can range from 6 – 12%, this one landing at 6.5%.

There are apples, pears and honey on the nose.  The taste is caramel and honey, hops crispness, and apple/pear on the sidelines.   The pilsner malts contribute strongly with a biscuit flavour.   This is perfect on a cool summer’s day, as it’s a sunshine beer at heart but has the warming quality of a cool weather beer as well.



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