Evil Twin – Soft DK


Evil Twin’s Soft DK (short for Soft Dookie, abbreviated to prevent loss of appetite) is a vanilla imperial stout inspired by brewmaster Jeppe’s diaper-changing experiences.  Though I have no first-hand experience, I hear that baby poop can have interesting and not unpleasant aromas before solid food diets.  Jeppe evidently was picking up vanilla notes and made this beer in the poop’s honour.

I drank this last night (Nov 8th) as it was apparently International Stout Day.  Cheers to that!

A: Soft DK pours a ruby black, not overly thick (like the poop it represents) and without a lot of carbonation.

S: The aroma is chocolate and vanilla, semi-sweet.  A touch of caramel and some prickly alcohol notes as well.

T: Taking a sip, it sits idle for a moment before opening to a burst of vanilla, some woodiness and chocolate, and followed by a spirit-like gentle alcohol presence and some earthiness that indicates a bitter hop existence barely able to poke through.  This was my only bottle, but if I had a second I would probably give it a year and see if the heat goes down and the chocolate comes up.

M: It’s not a thick stout, probably a little thinner feel than the 10% ABV would have indicated, but it does have a creaminess to it.

O: This is a nice Russian imperial stout that’s been given a boost in vanilla – which is a flavour I love in a big stout.  The vanilla wasn’t dominating and the earthiness kept the sweetness in check easily – I would actually not mind if it were a little sweeter.



1 thought on “Evil Twin – Soft DK

  1. Interesting story to this beer to be sure. I am pretty sure it’s low on the carbonation as poop is not carbonated. Fact. Lol. I had this brew last year and really liked it. Always wondered why it was called soft dookie too!

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