The Perfect Crime – Hollow Point


Day 15 of the Craft Beer Advent Calender here, and this one’s been a personal favourite so far.  I haven’t really been good about updating the blog this month, but it’s not for lack of beer drinking.  While I’ve enjoyed a lot of the calender beers so far, this is the first one I felt I needed to give its own post.

Hollow Point is a quadruple, a Belgian style that is synonymous with strong – not just strong, but the strongest of strong.  Dubbels are in the 6.5-7.5% ABV range typically, while the Tripel can easily hit 9%.  The veritable quad is the boldest of them all at 10% to 12%.  While its gentler brethren are golden in huge, the quad is darker due to all that stuff they’ve packed into it.

This one’s certainly darker than your typical tripel.  It’s a kind of auburn orange, cloudy and with a head that is uncharacteristically dark considering the colour of the liquid.  The head is nice and dense and it sticks around, both good signs, as is the lacing that it leaves behind.

Smell is gentle fruit esters and breadiness, leaning towards sweetness all around but mildly.  The taste opens up a lot more and immediately won me over.  It’s not like a quad I’ve ever had before and I’m not certain the name fully fits, but it’s got lots of fruit (banana, apricot, plum, and so on), nice thick, textured malts, and a good earthy balance to the sweetness.  Despite the 10% ABV this doesn’t taste ‘hot’ like a lot of strong beers do.  It may have something to do with the 5 or so months in warm storage which has been to the detriment of many of the bottles in the calender – for this guy, it’s maybe actually time well spent.



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Crime – Hollow Point

  1. I didn’t taste some of those fruits but it was really good. Did you see my post is a collaboration between Stillwater Artisanal Ales, Evil Twin Brewing and 12% Imports. Kinda cool. Two gypsy brewers come together for a new gypsy brewery. Then add in a distributor. Good fun.

  2. Yeah that is too cool!! I love both Stillwater and Evil Twin so it’s a win-win. I mostly tasted the banana but there was something else and I think apricot and plum kind of explains it, though that’s not exactly what I pick out. I really liked it, that’s for sure!

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