The Cellar

I have a 4.7L wine fridge-turned-cellar where I keep most of my beers.  I say most, because while I try to keep up with every interesting release locally, I tend to only drink a few beers a week and thus the supply often exceeds demand.  Therefore the main kitchen fridge and the liquor cabinet often take on some inventory as well.  The cellar holds around 55 bottles, depending on size.  Checking out the link below, you can be assured that whatever the difference is will be taking up our food space.

The cellar is used largely just as a queue, but there is a handful of beers in there with aging plans of up to ten years.  Aging beers is a debatable subject and I’m of the opinion that on average, it’s better to drink a beer fresh even if it will age gracefully enough.  However, the development of a beer over time can be interesting and pleasant so I do buy some extra bottles for this purpose on select releases.

What’s in my cellar today?  You can check that out on my CellarHQ page!



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