Hi.  I’m Jason.  I would consider myself more of a beer nerd than a beer expert.   My palate isn’t heightened beyond the typical beer enthusiast.  I just really like beer, all kinds, and I found I no longer even blinked at $25 for a bottle.  I’m not sure how it happened.

Since I was now spending so much on beer I wanted to make the most of the experience by taking photos of the beer, and later I started writing down my opinion of the beer (so I’d know if I wanted to buy it again, come time to go to the store).   At some point shortly after I thought I should start a blog, so it’s easy and well laid out for using as a personal reference – and maybe others can use it as a reference too.  It’s always nice to share these experiences, even if only electronically.

So this is my blog.  I started with a tumblr and “upgraded” to a full-on blog so I could organize it better – I’m OCD that way.  I also have a spreadsheet of all my cellared beers with all pertinent information and ‘ready to drink’ beers highlighted in green.  As I was saying, I’m a beer nerd.

Other things of note:

  • I live in Vancouver, BC.   Thus a large portion of the beer notes will be local beers.
  • I enjoy a good IPA like any beer enthusiast but my favourite styles are usually sours and big ol’ stouts.
  • I fancy myself a bit of a photographer so much of the value of this blog is to be the photos of the beer (for others like myself who like looking at and thinking about beer in addition to drinking it).

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